The firm is born about the end of the 70's from the twenty years experience of people already working in the sector, they have always pointed on articles of average and high quality, above all for for the German and Italian market..

In Italy is present with the typical mark "CALZA AMADEUS" and it is able to satisfy every requirement of the customers, putting in the storehouse at ready very many articles for woman, man and children, in the type classic, modern and sporting.
All the production is made on exclusiveness in our factory of Borgo San Giacomo under the strictly overseeing of the owners that are coadjunted from staff with over thirty years of experience in the sector.

The factory has several machinery at its disposals at avant-garde so monocilynder as double cilynder, that are able producing electronics stockings, jaquard, classics, sportives, technicals and tights for men, women, children on any kind of yarn.